Insurance & Reinsurance

Insurance & Reinsurance

Insurance and reinsurance are highly complex areas in which there is no substitute for market knowledge. Our team is recognized as a leader in the field, bringing a long track record of outstanding results, innovative attitudes, efficient advice, and a level of service few law firms can match. We advise insurers, reinsurers, brokers, financial institutions, and insured corporate on all manner of insurance issues, including insurance coverage issues and disputes; the investigation and defense of liability; property; specialty and marine insurance; reinsurance claims. 


We are one of the few offices in the UAE which has an Insurance Department & highly specialized counsels in the insurance sector.  Our clients are treated the way we want to be treated and served 24/7 with a constant improvement of our talents and knowledge through training and teamwork.

The advantages of our Insurance Department: -

  • We are specialized in the insurance field since 2013.
  • We offer you some advantages which differentiate us in the market, especially as we provide you with a professional and specialized insurance service 24/7 with competitive fees.
  • We assist you in determining your position on the claim and determining the liability, the insurance coverage, distinguishing policies that include a Third-Party Rights Clause, besides; the essentials in conducting legal insurance business in the best way.
  • We are also one of the country's leading law firms and rated excellent (ask for our classification) and have a list of the most important clients in the market. We also have a highly professional team and discipline befitting the provision of legal services that maintain our classification, which requires us to make a great effort to achieve it.
  • An additional advantage, saving costs in cases, is another dimension through our office, given our multiple relationships with other insurance companies that can help you recover and settle accounts between companies, reciprocity, and others.
  • We take care of our customers and strive to ensure their satisfaction, as they must obtain periodic and regular follow-up on their cases and continuous updates with no hesitation. Informing them of the claim proceedings based on frequent updating of the monthly (or weekly) hearings, reports and telling them of all they would like to know about the case and its defenses.
  • We have a bilingual counsel who can serve our non-Arabs clients who speak and communicate in Arabic and English.
  • Besides, our expertise extends to include cases related to Engineering Insurance; Marine Insurance; Life Insurance; Fire Insurance; Workmen Compensation Insurance; Property Insurance; Liability Insurance, and other types of insurance.
  • As for Motor insurance cases, we will be happy to place our expertise in this type of insurance in your hands through our experience in persuading the Court to comply with the terms and conditions and exceptions of the Unified Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy or according to the legal principles in insurance, or in terms of commitment to the Driver and Passenger Clause and other endorsements. The recovery claims are based on the exceptions, or the subrogation and the fault liability.