Marine and International Trade

Marine and International Trade

Prime Law has various specialized lawyers in maritime law throughout the MENA region and on the international scale who are committed to providing clients with the legal insight to handle any commercial aspects of maritime and international trade transactions. 

Our legal team's extensive multi-jurisdictional influence allows for a consistent and coherent collaboration between our many offices stationed around the global market. Our international reach allows for a diverse, multi-lingual, and multifaceted approach to providing our committed clients with a wide variety of legal services in an accessible manner over many jurisdictions. 

Prime Law Firm is consistently aware and sensitive to the culture-specific aspects in any jurisdiction and profoundly understands the shifting and complex commercial and legal nature of all maritime and international trade transactions. Our lawyers are committed to advise and represent our clients every step of the way throughout the entire lifecycle of the business transaction during contract negotiations, financial transactions, offshore trade disputes, shipment insurance, and much more.

Our maritime team has extensive experience in various maritime domains. We can proudly claim to rank among the top law firms globally who excel in core marine fields such as:

  • Carriage of goods by sea
  • Time charter parties
  • Maritime insurance
  • Offshore support services
  • Supply time charter party
  • Anchor handing
  • Supply boats
  • Crew boats
  • Voyage charter party
  • Oil& Gas voyage charter party
  • Protection & indemnity coverage