Criminal Law

Criminal Law

We are at the cutting edge of white-collar and general criminal defense cases, taking part in many of the most signi?cant cases. Our experience in this ?eld is second to none. 

Our criminal law team boasts a high degree of expertise and a wealth of professional experience defending individuals and legal entities' interests. We identify our clients' problems and needs regardless of the business sector they operate, intending to offer them the litigation strategy best suited to them, including advice during the pre-litigation phase.

We enjoy an excellent international reputation as our work increasingly involves extradition, red notices, and mutual legal assistance.  Such cases require a sophisticated understanding of foreign law, practice, and its impact in the UAE.  We have developed a network of lawyers around the world with whom we work.


Key Area: 

  • Corporate crime/corporate criminal liability.
  • Crimes against property and the socioeconomic order.
  • Money laundering.
  • Crimes against the public authorities and the justice system (criminal misfeasance in public office, bribery, and corruption).
  • Public finance and social security offenses.
  • Occupational health and safety offenses.
  • Planning offenses.
  • Environmental crime.
  • Crimes against privacy and personal portrayal.
  • Reputational crimes (malicious accusation and criminal insult).
  • Forgery and misrepresentation.
  • Intellectual property crimes.
  • Market and consumer offenses.
  • Crimes against persons (injury and manslaughter).
  • Applications for pardon.

White Collar & Financial Crime

Our lawyers are highly sophisticated, astute, supportive, and are cutting-edge white-collar and general crime defenses. Our committed team of lawyers operates on a global and multi-jurisdictional scale, and we use our diverse legal knowledge to represent our clients throughout a wide range of complex legal fields. Our legal team is committed to ensuring that our client's subject matters are kept private and out of public knowledge. 

Prime Law Firm's team of international and multi-lingual lawyers operates in the entirety of the MENA region and throughout the globe. We are aware and sensitive to the particular local and cultural nuances that our clients adhere to and take pride in our accessibility that ensures that we meet all our client's needs. 

Prime Law Firm delivers first-class integrated legal services that specialize in, among other discrete practice areas, white-collar crime; anti-money laundering compliance; cross border litigation and arbitration; regulatory and criminal investigations; international crime and extradition;  representation in all matters relating to the global investment; trade; commerce and finance.